A Collection of My Poems

With Wings as An Eagle

Soaring high with wings as an Eagle
Never giving up, never giving in
Married to determination, set as flint
Counting the cost, yet looking to win
Knowing is the only way to achieve the purpose.

Soaring high with wings as an Eagle
Aiming high, with no time to lose
Linked to a focus with a purpose in flight.
Taking stock of the price, yet envisaging the prize
Realizing the only way to complete the goal.

Soaring high with wings as an Eagle
With eyes on the storm, straight to the eye
In anticipation to spread out the wings without measure
Locked in the calm, waiting, and watching
Running but not weary, walking and not fainting.

The Flight of Truth

Truth takes its flight to search
It soars through the gentle wisping breeze
Looking for an olive branch to perch
A willing and yielding heart to grease

Truth takes its flight to latch
Flapping through the seasons of time
Looking for a heart so torn and worn to patch
A heart so ready to receive its treasured dime

Truth takes its flight to fasten
Gliding through eons of glistening light
Looking for a heart in need to strengthen
With a glimpse of the eternal bright

Truth takes its flight to stay
Mounting up with wings as an eagle
Never giving up, purposeful every day
It is the Spirit of God’s truth stirring our hearts to a new angle.


The road seemed long and hard ahead
The city still far and not insight
The horizon spread orange and yellow overhead
Feet trod heavy and weary in the dim light
Is this what life is all about I wonder?
A trudging and treading to the great yonder.

When on life’s course we forge
Sometimes with winding turns and bends
And we tend to feel in ourselves a sorge
It is time to look up to heaven for the hand that lends
Saying what do you deeply ponder?
I am here to make it more fonder.

A gift of God to calm our weary Hearts
A word to give us a leap of faith
A needed weapon to expel our every threat
It is the hope that encourages and never a wraith
Is it the figment of a trance?
No, not a trance, but the gift of endurance.

Mirror, Mirror on The Word!

I heard a story told me-
A woman, she stood and looked before a mirror
And thus, she spoke to the mirror
She asked-
Mirror, Mirror on the wall do tell me,
Who might the fairest be in all the land?
I stood and watched this woman before me-
She stood unwavering, pridefully careless before the mirror.
Now might I tell you more of this woman!
You see she was as darkness,
So evil ridden
But how so, so sad she knew it not.
For her eyes were married to deception.

The Mirror, it looked at her, saw her clean and clear
Suddenly, I heard the mirror speak,
With voice so soft, so tender, so dear
And this it said
There is indeed one most fair in all the land.
One who is above all, One who is before all
This one knows the end and knows the beginning
This one knows you and reveals you
This one exposes you and has access to the hidden dungeons of your heart.
But you see woman!
This one has the power to touch you, change you, transform you.
Yes! The power to make you anew.

The Woman, she stood
Stunned and speechless before the mirror
Clutching her throat with both hands she gasped-
Who might this one be?
She cried out in anguish!

The mirror, it looked, piercing straight at her
Shinning beams of eternal love into her eyes
With a soothing voice the Mirror it whispered to her –
I am He, And you see-
I am not mirror, mirror on the Wall
I am, Mirror, Mirror on the Word!

Light of My Life

Light of my life
Shinning forth for all to see
On the shores to show
Beams of flowing colours rhyme.
extending to the heights of time.

Let this light so shine so bright
The darkness all dispels,
That men may know,
And all restored,
At the brightness of thy glorious light.

Eternity In Us!

The wind blows
Whistling and whistling
All around us.
Where does it come from?
Where is its place of rising?
And where is its place of going down?
I do not know, just cannot tell.
But it comes and as such like the HOLY GHOST.
This is Eternity in us!

The world how wide it seems
Spreading and spreading
All around us
Where does it get its form, its shape?
Where is its starting point?
And where does it end?
I do not know, just cannot tell.
But it fills the heart and as such like the HOLY GHOST.
This is Eternity in us!

Eternity in us!
So beautiful, so profound
So great, so overwhelming
GOD alone fixed this in our hearts
By this, we know the great works of time-
The past, the present, and the future.
And as such, it is by the HOLY GHOST.
This is Eternity in us!

The Intensity And Depth Of God’s Love

(An ode to the Love of the Son of GOD – JESUS)

So intense and so deep is the love of GOD for us
Chasing us down through the ages never giving up.
Could not hold back, could not wait, could not bear to lose us.
And so decided to take on flesh to save us.

Exchanging the Glory of an immortal king;
Into the drossy image of a mere mortal thing.
In the dead of a cold winter night showed up in a manger just for us.
An unexpected, unlikely place to choose.

But it did not matter, it was not a bother he did it all for us.
An act so selfless, so unselfish just to bring many sons and daughters to the FATHER’S Love.
Amazing Love so intense and so deep!

Risen Forever!

Risen forever–How powerful and mind-blowing this sounds!

It can only take God for this to happen. And indeed, it did happen.

Jesus predicted that He was going to the cross.

He said He was going to be brutally beaten, wounded, and bruised.

All because of us, you, and me. For every boy, and every girl. For every man and every woman. For all of creation, in all of time and dimensions.

To set us free, to make a way for us. A way that was blocked, a way that was hindered.

To roll away the stone: And what a huge stone it was that stood between us and the Father’s love.

That stone was about to be rolled away. Yes, it was about to be rolled away by the Power of the love of God!

But how can that be the women asked?

Oh, wait and see, three days will tell. But first, He must die He said, and be put in a tomb.

Then the stone of separation must be put over the tomb.

The third day is here, at last, the women stand astounded outside the tomb.

They asked in wondering whispers, who rolled the stone away?

It is I, His voice echoed, by the Power of my Resurrection.

Come see the tomb is empty. I have risen just as I told you.

I am the first and the last, the beginning and the end, the Lion of the tribe of Judah. I have the keys of death and hell.

Death and hell, the grave, and all the powers of darkness have been defeated forever.

I have done the job and completed the task. It is finally finished; my beloved creation is free at last. Reconciled to the Father and never to be separated again.

For I am Risen forever!!

The Power of His Presence.

(A Personal Testimony to God’s Glorious Power in Christ Jesus).

Through days of darkness
Momentous seasons of dark bleakness
A time of wondering and searching
A state of drudgery and treading.

Those were hard days of desperateness
Uncertain wonder and futile weakness
Mindless sitting and moping
Unable to see a rising.

The enemy trying to bring every hopelessness
Setting amnesia’s hold tighten with ruthlessness
Taking its toll and cruelty squeezing
Making certain there is no escaping.

On the bed of sluggishness
Remembering the mounting blackness
At first a slow rising, a hand choking
Hell’s cold hold, a grip a final crippling.

A sudden giving up to the viciousness
A struggle between death, and blessedness
A dark tunnel to the left pulling
With an assignment so intense to satisfy a craving.

A moment of intense anguishes’
Intercepted by a burst of glorious brightness.
A Staircase from Heaven descending
Majestic feet in sandals with authority stepping.

Hell lets go in total defeatedness
For the King of kings appears in preciseness
Hell acknowledges the authority fleeing
Death scampers away whimpering.

An Angel speaks in calm sweetness
It is Jesus, call out to Him in surrenderedness
Gathering every strength and faith calling
JESUS! Save me!
In a twinkling transported to the land of the living
By the Power of His Presence.

“And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.” (Acts 2: 21 KJV).

The Uncommon- (The word of Faith within Us)

The Uncommon!
(The word of Faith within Us)
Some say it is rare as gold
Others say it is unusually scares
Many search for it with nothing to hold.
How uncommon when we have made it so sparse.

With hearts, we try to believe
But with eyes, we see the impossible
We can only attain just if we set our will to receive
Then the uncommon can become the attainable

The uncommon is here with us
It does not reside in the deep below
Nor does it pitch its tent in the height above us
But in our mouths and hearts, it bestows.