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Intentional Treasures

Feb 23, 2022

Silver and green stone fragments

Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: Matthew 6:19 (KJV).

The mere mention of the word treasure would automatically get anybody’s attention. People always light up when they are given treasurable gifts or items, and they would usually place a high value on such gifts. In most cases, it can always be determined or noticed by how valuable such treasures are in the way or place they are stored or preserved around a person’s home.

However, the word or term treasure must not be viewed only as related to physical or tangible items, articles, or ornaments, we also find certain intangible or abstract areas of life that are highly-priced and valuable treasures. One such area is life, everyone would place a high value on their life to some degree. For others it would be their spiritual maneuverings, while for many more it would be their knowledge, intellect, or intellectual capabilities, these people hold their intellectual prowess in high esteem.

Nevertheless, every one of us has something we treasure in life, also, we would all go to great lengths to preserve or safeguard our valuable treasures. Therefore, the questions to ask are: What do you treasure? What are the criteria for making sure that your treasured article is well safeguarded, secured, or protected? How can we be intentional with the treasures and gifts we have? Our Bible verse for today gives us the keys to these questions.

In respect of the first question we must by ourselves determine what things we treasure or hold valuable, this is our part to figure out. For the second question, we are given a choice or opportunity to make an informed decision on how or to store our treasures for safety purposes.

As we study this Bible passage, we find two juxtaposing realities. The one is the earth–visible and physical, a fleeting and perishable world. The other world, though not mentioned in this verse, however, in subsequent verses, talks about an unseen world–Heaven, a sustainable and eternal world.

This Bible verse gives us Kingdom principles on how and where we can secure and effectively use every treasurable gift God has bestowed on us as stewards, be it finances, time, knowledge, intellect, life, spiritual gifts, etc. Thirdly, we must make it a point to be intentional with the treasures and gifts bestowed upon us. To do this we have to make sure that these must all be geared towards Kingdom purposes, which would, in turn, fetch an eternal reward that can never perish.

The length or durability, value, credibility, and effectiveness of the treasures or gifts of God in our lives will be determined by the place and way we have chosen to store these gifts for safekeeping. More importantly, our actions and intentions will show that we honor and reverence God because it means we put Him first above every other thing in our lives. Intentionally utilizing these treasures and gifts for Kingdom purposes is the ultimate glory we can give to God our Heavenly Father.

Ebimobo W. Obasi


Treasures in Heaven

FATHER GOD, I don’t want to store up my treasures on earth. I want to intentionally use everything I have to love and serve Your Kingdom. Help me to pursue a mindset that puts You above everything else so I can hold anything I have with loose hands. In JESUS MIGHTY NAME AMEN.


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