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The Act Of Giving And Receiving

May 26, 2022

A person giving a gift Box to someone who is recieving the gift.

But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth. Matthew 6:3 (KJV).

Giving also known as charity is not new to our world, it has been an age-old practice and every one of us can relate to it, is that at some point we have also given by way of donations, and in kind.

However, just as everything in our lives is important to God, so also is the whole aspect of giving. This is because God wants to be a part of everything that concerns us so that we can get the full benefit of our actions and more so that He can be glorified.

Indeed, every one of us has witnessed or partaken of some form of giving. We have seen or have partnered with different charity organizations to give to the poor and less privileged in the various societies we belong to, which is a very good and noble act because it is a very vital keynote that touches the very depth of God’s heart, which we refer to as love and compassion.

Furthermore, since God is very interested that we receive the due benefit for our actions, for this reason, He looks at how we give, our motives for giving, and our reactions to the aspect of giving. Therefore, we must be clear on God’s views on giving, and not only giving but also receiving.

As we view giving on God’s terms, we must be very careful not to confuse it with how the world views it. Usually, when the world engages in the act of giving more often than not it does this by exhibiting an attitude that may have a self-conceited, self-centered, selfish aggrandizement and showmanship, a puffed up the ego, and also a twisted expectation looking for the same type of reciprocal response.

Rather, giving and receiving as commanded by God must be done as an act of worship to Him, because we love and adore Him, acknowledging Him as our only source and only rewarder. It is, for this reason, that our Bible verse for today instructs and directs us on how we must give to attract Heaven’s attention so that we can receive Heaven’s best.

So, how must we achieve this act of giving as commanded in our Bible verse for today? The answers are simply that:
1. We must do this in a manner where we do not attract attention to ourselves.
2. We must give in humility, respect, and regard for God and those we are dealing with.
3. It must be done with a measure of secrecy, to the point that our left-hand does not have to know what the other hand is engaged in.
4. It should be done as a sign of worship and reverence to God. This means it should only be God who should have privy knowledge of what we are doing, or have done.
5. We must not expect anything back in return. Rather we should look to God to reward us for our effort(s).

When we make it a point to direct our giving with the right perspective, and to attract Heaven’s attention, only then can Heaven open us up to giving the right way and receiving the right way.

Ebimobo W. Obasi


Search My Heart.

FATHER GOD, please show me how I can generously meet the needs of others this week. Make me eager to show kindness with humility and respect. Search my heart, and remove any selfish motives that would distract me from doing Your will. Just as You have generously shown Your love to me, allow me to genuinely show love to others. In JESUS MIGHTY NAME AMEN.



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