Ebimobo W. Obasi

The Midnight Hour

Mar 26, 2022

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“Be ye, therefore, ready also: for the Son of man cometh at an hour when ye think not.”
Luke 12:40 (KJV)

The act of being prepared is a personal choice we have to make, and that choice has to be done with deliberate intention.

Most of us go through life day in day out having no concrete direction, without having set goals or plans for future eventualities. Most times, things or events just happen suddenly upon us and it is at that point we begin to run helter-skelter looking for possible solutions, and for many of us at this point, it may be too late.

This is exactly what our Lord Jesus Christ in our Bible verse for today tried to prevent happening to His disciples at the time He physically walked on the earth as well as to us now His present-day disciples and followers.

Jesus of course did not sugar coat the words that He spoke to us in this Bible verse. He tells us plainly, that there is going to be a midnight hour. A time that He will come back for His church. He wants us to be aware of this truth and tries to prepare our minds for this event.

So, what are the possible things our Bible verse for today could be telling us? Here are a few life-saving tips and advice we may take away from this statement.

1. Do not take things for granted. We must be wise, vigilant, and focused as we go about our daily engagements and interactions.

2. Always have God as first place and most prominent in all of our affairs, He must not be made to take the back seat.

3. With the help of the Holy Spirit seek God’s ordained goals, purposes, or plans to walk towards.

4. We must make it a point to spend quality time with God each day in prayer and the study of the Word. Making the Bible the sole manual for instruction on life and Godly living and the Holy Spirit the sole guide and director of the affairs of our lives.

5. We must make it our priority to follow and obey God’s Commandments, instructions and teachings and be always led by the Holy Spirit.

6. We should always have an attitude of conscious expectancy of the move of God in our lives as we commune with the Holy Spirit, seeking the right answers, strategies, and directions at each point we get to. Also, we must try not to assume we can handle any matter by ourselves, it does not hurt to have God always in any issue, no matter how small or even trivial it may seem.

7. Finally, always have an attitude of worship, praise, thanksgiving and make it a point to always forgive, repent, love, and be at peace with ourselves and others around us.

Being prepared for the coming of the Lord means always and at all times being conscious, having an acute sense of awareness with unwavering focused attention on and of His presence in every aspect of our lives.

Ebimobo W. Obasi


Make Me Ready

My Dear Lord and Savior JESUS, I don’t want to forget how great, good, and kind You are. Please keep my heart connected to You. Align my life with Your will, so that I will honor You with every choice I make. In every season and situation, help me to stay ready for Your return. In Your Name, I pray this. AMEN.


My name is Ebimobo Obasi, Ebi (pronounced Ab) for short. I own Living Nuggets Blog. I am an Educator with more than 30 years teaching experience. I have taught different age and grade levels. However, in the last 15 plus years I settled to teach early years which I am very passionate about. I am also a Spiritual Life coach, I assist people to become their best possible self through spiritual, health, and educational growth.

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