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The Reward For Consistent Devotion

Jun 7, 2022

A Woman in whit coat kneeling by a bed and praying.

Continue in prayer and watch in the same with thanksgiving. Colossians 4:2 (KJV).

The act of devotion and consistency walk well when they go hand in hand. A person or group of people who intentionally give themselves to a consistent and persistent devotion to something be it for a good or bad course always often than not come up with some measure of success.

So, what is devotion, and why would it seem to work well when combined with consistency? We can look at devotion as an attitude of mind, habit, or will to be persistent at doing or performing any act, activity, or business.

A plausible answer to why devotion must work hand in hand with consistency for it to yield considerable success is that both words and their actions complement each other. Devotion to something or someone to make an impact must be seen as a continuous and consistent performance.

It cannot be said that we are devoted to an activity or way of life if it is a one-off thing, if this was the case, we would call it a random, occasional exercise and not habitual. We must show a considerable level of dedication to actively demonstrate consistent devotion.

As human beings, we all have something we are consistently devoted to. The issue now is whether such a Devotional act is geared towards something or someone good or does it lean toward a bad affiliation. As was mentioned earlier, consistent devotion could be good or bad. To this, the Bible tells us that by their fruits we shall know them (Matthew 7:16).

What this Bible verse means as it relates to our discussion, is that the outcome of our consistent devotion to the things we do will be revealed and will tell if we have been consistently devoted to good acts, acts or works that benefit and build up our lives – physically and spiritually as well as the people around us. On the other hand, these actions will show if we are devoted to bad habits and deeds. The fact is nothing can be hidden for too long, especially if it is a habit that has been formed over a long period. (Luke 8:17)

Nevertheless, our concern here is how we can work on building our dedication to consistent devotion that will yield good success. To achieve this, our Bible verse for today (Colossians 4:2) gives us a few tips and advice.

First, we must be dedicated to consistent devotion to our prayer life. This takes discipline but yields a good reward. This is because in the place of consistent devotion to prayer we get to gradually drop our fleshly and sinful habits and are molded into the image and righteousness of Christ.

A devotion to prayer helps to increase our faith in God. When we witness the answers to our prayers coming to pass, this strengthens our faith in God.

Secondly, we are told to watch. This means that as we bring our issues to God in prayer, we must pay particular attention to details surrounding the different issues we face and how God is working to answer or bring solutions to each of these issues.

We must learn to cultivate alertness in our spirit man to know when and how God is speaking. For He speaks using different means. God always speaks to us in difficult times to calm our fears, encourage, comfort, and give strength.

The Lord will give us instructions on how to tackle certain situations, but if we are not consistent in our devotion to the aspect of watching and listening for these instructions we might just miss out on the solutions. 2 Samuel 5:17-25 is a good example of what it means to be consistently devoted in the business of watching and listening. (Please read the Bible verse in your spare time).

Finally, the third point is that we are told to be consistently devoted to thanksgiving. Thanksgiving or giving thanks, is a strong spiritual weapon that proclaims victory ahead of time. This strategy moves God to act on our behalf in ways that are beyond our expectations.

When we are persistent in giving thanks to God in anticipation for what He is doing, God will cause our answer to break forth speedily, ”
Then shall thy light break forth as the morning, and thine health shall spring forth speedily: and thy righteousness shall go before thee; the glory of the LORD shall be thy rereward.” Isaiah 58: 8(KJV).

As we begin to pay attention to a continuous and consistent devotion to the things of the Lord, we will begin to see God moving in extraordinary ways to bring change to our lives and the world in general.

Ebimobo W. Obasi


A Prayer For A Life Style Of Consistent Devotion To God.

FATHERS GOD, starting a new habit can be hard, but I want to dedicate my life to consistent devotion to spending quality time with You each day. Help me to develop a discipline in the aspects of prayer, watching, and offering You thanks for all that You are doing in the world. When I am weak, please give me the strength and focus to be faithful to these tasks You have given me. In JESUS MIGHTY NAME AMEN.


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