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The Word Everyone Likes to Hear

Jan 30, 2022

The Word Everyone likes to Hear


Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. 2 Corinthians 5:17 (KJV).


New season, new(birthday )age, new year, new look, new car, new dress, new job, new pay slip, new friends, new societal status and the list goes on. Don’t we all love it, the New buzz word? We all do and it is nothing we should be ashamed of. It is an amazing concept or gift GOD HIMSELF has given to us, and this is because it is associated with the beauty of GOD’S GOODNESS such as prosperity, rebirth, renewal, restoration etc. The only problem we may encounter with the whole concept or idea of New is when it is inappropriately used as a tool to achieve selfish, self-centered, ambitious and diabolical purposes in which GOD is not glorified. In such situations then it becomes a cause for concern. The reason being, when we allow or use the concept of ‘New’ in a sphere of wickedness, as mentioned above, we bring ourselves and our world into a dark place, a place of degeneration, destruction, deprivation, and decadence and of course nothing good can ever come from such things rather evil, death and decay becomes the norm.

However, if our whole concept, idea and outlook about the ‘New’ is anchored in GOD, through CHRIST JESUS then we reap the fruits of GOD’S goodness, love, righteousness and holiness. This is exactly what our Bible verse for today is saying to us. Therefore, for the kind of ‘New’ we are talking about to come or happen, there must be first an “if anyone be in CHRIST. ” The question is, how can we come to being in CHRIST so that we can achieve this ‘New?’ The answer to this question is found in Romans 10:9 “that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.” This is a very simple step to take, but a very profound decision to make. Simple, because GOD has made it very easy for everyone to come to HIM through CHRIST JESUS. Profound, because it is the beginning of a new life, a rebirth from the old ways to a new transformed way of thinking, living and acting, a renewal and awakening to the knowledge of the only true GOD. So, if your decision is ‘YES’ then congratulations and welcome back to your roots! Welcome back home to the one who created and died to give you the NEW your soul has ever longed for! Welcome back to JESUS!

When we accept the ‘New’ in CHRIST JESUS, we encounter a whole New life of GOD’S rebirth, regeneration, renewal and restoration in the totality of our being. This is the most important decision that any human being can make, it is an opportunity of a lifetime of hope, peace and joy.

Ebimobo W. Obasi.

Friends the Door is Open all we need to do is just step in.


FATHER GOD, in You I have come to the understanding of the concept of the NEW! I have found new life! My old self has gone! Thank You for giving me this amazing gift because of Your Son JESUS. Help me to never lose the wonder of Your gift. In JESUS MIGHTY NAME AMEN.


My name is Ebimobo Obasi, Ebi (pronounced Ab) for short. I own Living Nuggets Blog. I am an Educator with more than 30 years teaching experience. I have taught different age and grade levels. However, in the last 15 plus years I settled to teach early years which I am very passionate about. I am also a Spiritual Life coach, I assist people to become their best possible self through spiritual, health, and educational growth.

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  1. Joyce

    Thank you Ebi for this awesome piece. It is a great encouragement.

    • Ebimobo W. Obasi

      Hi Toka,You are most welcome. I am happy you were encouraged by the piece. Be greatly blessed!


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