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Unwavering Support Threshold

Mar 9, 2022

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Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Psalm 23:4 (KJV).

Most of us must have heard the saying that goes, ‘that no condition is permanent.’ This is true to an extent, although nobody would want any good situation to come to an end.

However, regardless of whether or not you are in a good or bad situation, the main point is your point of view on the situation. In walking through conditions and situations, we tend to forget that there are different seasons life may afford us. Nonetheless, what would make any such season enjoyable, bearable, memorable, or otherwise— that is being terrible, unbearable, and unpalatable would depend on the type(s) of support we received from the people around us during such situations.

Howbeit, even when and if we receive the kind of support we want from the people around us, the fact remains, to what extent can these supports be reliable, effective, and truly comforting and how long can the people who have offered to help last or bear with us?

We all know that human support is limited, at best it can last as long as things are going very well, rosy or while the person rendering such support is still alive, but the point is when things turn sour and bad these support systems usually do have an expiration period, depending on the threshold of the human availability, endurance and level of tolerance.

Our Bible verse for today gives us a comforting assurance by telling us that there is one whose support threshold is unlimited or limitless. One who stays with us as long as we want or can ever imagine through good and bad times, but especially, in bad and unbearable conditions, and this one person is God our Heavenly Father, the Creator of the whole universe.

When we put our trust in God Almighty through His Son Jesus Christ, God is obligated to support us through every season of our lives, especially in difficult times. He is the only one who can securely provide the kind of unwavering support threshold we are looking for in our time of need.

As we put our absolute trust and confidence in God, believing and depending on His unwavering ability to defend, deliver, protect, support, and comfort us, it will give us the confidence to boldly say, “we will fear no evil, because the Lord is with us!!”

Ebimobo W. Obasi


You are with Me

FATHER GOD, You understand every hardship I face because You go through it with me. That’s why I know that nothing is impossible for You. You are my source of strength and protection. You comfort me, guide me, support me and restore me. That’s why I can say with confidence, “I will fear no evil,” because You are with me. Nothing I go through is unseen or wasted. Thank You! In JESUS MIGHTY NAME AMEN.

My name is Ebimobo Obasi, Ebi (pronounced Ab) for short. I own Living Nuggets Blog. I am an Educator with more than 30 years teaching experience. I have taught different age and grade levels. However, in the last 15 plus years I settled to teach early years which I am very passionate about. I am also a Spiritual Life coach, I assist people to become their best possible self through spiritual, health, and educational growth.

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