Risen forever–How powerful and mind-blowing this sounds!

It can only take God for this to happen. And indeed, it did happen.

Jesus predicted that He was going to the cross.

He said He was going to be brutally beaten, wounded, and bruised.

All because of us, you, and me. For every boy, and every girl. For every man and every woman. For all of creation, in all of time and dimensions.

To set us free, to make a way for us. A way that was blocked, a way that was hindered.

To roll away the stone: And what a huge stone it was that stood between us and the Father’s love.

That stone was about to be rolled away. Yes, it was about to be rolled away by the Power of the love of God!

But how can that be the women asked?

Oh, wait and see, three days will tell. But first, He must die He said, and be put in a tomb.

Then the stone of separation must be put over the tomb.

The third day is here, at last, the women stand astounded outside the tomb.

They asked in wondering whispers, who rolled the stone away?

It is I, His voice echoed, by the Power of my Resurrection.

Come see the tomb is empty. I have risen just as I told you.

I am the first and the last, the beginning and the end, the Lion of the tribe of Judah. I have the keys of death and hell.

Death and hell, the grave, and all the powers of darkness have been defeated forever.

I have done the job and completed the task. It is finally finished; my beloved creation is free at last. Reconciled to the Father and never to be separated again.

For I am Risen forever!!