(A Personal Testimony to God’s Glorious Power in Christ Jesus).

Through days of darkness
Momentous seasons of dark bleakness
A time of wondering and searching
A state of drudgery and treading.

Those were hard days of desperateness
Uncertain wonder and futile weakness
Mindless sitting and moping
Unable to see a rising.

The enemy trying to bring every hopelessness
Setting amnesia’s hold tighten with ruthlessness
Taking its toll and cruelty squeezing
Making certain there is no escaping.

On the bed of sluggishness
Remembering the mounting blackness
At first a slow rising, a hand choking
Hell’s cold hold, a grip a final crippling.

A sudden giving up to the viciousness
A struggle between death, and blessedness
A dark tunnel to the left pulling
With an assignment so intense to satisfy a craving.

A moment of intense anguishness
Intercepted by a burst of glorious brightness
A Staircase from Heaven descending
Majestic feet in sandals with authority stepping.

Hell lets go in total defeatedness
For the King of kings appears in preciseness
Hell acknowledges the authority fleeing
Death scampers away whimpering.

An Angel speaks in calm sweetness
It is Jesus, call out to Him in surrenderedness
Gathering every strength and faith calling
JESUS! Save me!
In a twinkling transported to the land of the living
By the Power of His Presence.

“And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.” (Acts 2: 21 KJV).